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About us


Caradox Trading Ltd is a 100% Canadian company, established in 2005 focusing on services related to security cameras and surveillance systems. Our cost effective solutions attacked most small to large businesses to implement a security camera system or improve it if they already had one. The fact that you can have a security camera system with any budget helped us to get more and more clients, At the time of this writing (May 2010), we are serving and supporting more than 450 job sites in lower mainland and Greater Vancouver Area.

Caradox Trading Ltd is owned and operated by Canadians.


To provide the lowest possible price, we have our own shipping and receiving department to import goods from all around the world, most of equipments either made in or shipped from Canada, USA, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

All products installed or sold by Caradox have at least one year warranty with optional extended warranty.

Mission Statement

The ownership and management of Caradox take a great deal of pride in our company.
  • Our mission is:
    • To provide diversity in the way we do business.
    • To provide a great working environment where employees treat each other with respect and dignity.
    • To provide the highest possible service to our clients, regardless of size and budget.
    • Maintain enthusiastically satisfied customers all the time.
    • Contribute positively to our communities and our environment.

Some of our clients
Busters towing company
Yes Pros Mortgage Services
Panago Pizza
Jugo Juice
Razor Fitness
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